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13 Melting Pot Cooks and all Kitchen Positions

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The Melting Pot Fondue Restaurant - Nashville, TN - Nashville, TN

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Melting Pot kitchen crew perform many food preparation duties. They are required to follow set recipes, procedures and cleanliness standards. As part of the culinary staff crew members need to follow prep sheet, proactively rotate prepared product, organize prepared, follow food safety rules at all times and work to insure Melting Pot is serving the finest, freshest fare possible. STATIONS: OPEN PREP - At the Melting Pot we cut a lot of fresh vegetables, proteins and breads into bite size pieces for our guest to enjoy in the fondue style of cooking. The opener is doing doing a lot of cutting as well as preparing sauces putting away orders, rotating product, portioning product and later assembling the prepped product into great presentations. Typically this one of our must experienced team members. SALAD STATION - Prepare and present fresh salads to order. ENTREE STATION - Our guests do the cooking at the Melting Pot so the entree line assembles uncooked proteins into artful presentations. Food safety is a critical part of this position. DESSERT (Chocolate Fondue Station) - Prepare measure and serve chocolate fondue recipes. Assemble and serve plates of decadent dippers with the chocolate. EXPO POSITIONS - Entree and Cheese Fondue. This important position is the last set of eye on two of the courses. This team member insure that the product is fresh and the order is accurate so that it can be served efficiently. ALL POSITIONS CROSS TRAIN - THE MORE POSITIONS YOU CAN DO THE MORE WE CAN PAY! • Clean work areas and clean them for food preparation activities • Wash and chop vegetables and meat for cooking purpose • Follow set recipes and directions to prepare food properly • Ensure that all raw food items are of good quality and are fresh • Make sure that cooking equipment is ready prior to cooking activities • Operate kitchen utensils and equipment such as weighing scales and mixing machines • Receive food product supplies and make sure that they are stored properly • Make sure that fresh and the few frozen food products are rotated appropriately • Throw away any food products that may have expired. Document. • Wrap, label and date prepared food items • Perform straining, slicing, assembling and kneading tasks • Handle food products inventory and handle supply management • Retrieve food items from storage areas in order to prepare them for cooking • Prepare food stations by ensuring that all specified items are available • Ensure that there is minimal spillage and breakage during food preparation procedures • Handle kitchen services such as providing chefs with required products • Make sure that all kitchen services are handled by following best safety practices • Handle quantity records management duties • Make sure that food items are placed on warmers or refrigerated properly • Mix ingredients for salads and salsas • Wash dishes by loading them in dishwashers and dry them and put them back in the proper place. • Ensure kitchen area is kept clean by removing trash and cleaning trash containers


 Ability to continuously stand or walk.  Ability to bend, squat, climb stairs and lift frequently  Ability to lift up to 50 pounds occasionally.  Stay abreast of established safety practices and hazardous materials awareness.  Maintain acceptable appearance and conduct standards.

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