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12 Melting Pot Server Asst. / Busser

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The Melting Pot Fondue Restaurant - Nashville, TN - Nashville, TN

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Clean and Reset Tables - Assist Servers - Perform Sidework. Every great car needs great tires. The tires give traction when the vehicle accelerates. They grip the road in rough weather. They provide stability in turns. And although they mainly work behind the scenes, they are a huge factor in the overall success of the car. So it is with the server assistant. They are critical to the success of the restaurant. They keep the restaurant stable as guests come and go. They provide fast and clean table turns, making it possible for guests to be seated more efficiently. They give strength to the entire operation as they quietly and steadily work to keep each department moving forward. As a SA, it’s important you understand your role in supporting all aspects of the operation. The engine of our restaurant, the kitchen, will continue to provide great quality and product, but it’s up to the front-of-the-house to deliver that exceptional product to the guests who come to enjoy it. You may not interact directly with each guest who comes into the restaurant, but everything you do will certainly have an indirect impact on those guests. Become familiar with the procedures and expectations of the SA. Look for opportunities to serve. Be alert and attentive to what’s going on around you. The best SA's are those who know what to do and get it done without being asked.


 Ability to continuously stand or walk.  Ability to bend, squat, climb stairs and lift frequently  Ability to lift up to 50 pounds occasionally. Stay abreast of established safety practices and hazardous materials awareness.  Maintain acceptable appearance and conduct standards.

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