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Transport Driver-Terminal 55

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URC Corporate Office - Warren, PA

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*Pick up bills of lading for shift, look them over, and understand them. Fill out log book and pre trip inspection form. Driver has to inspect unit before driving. Check items such as: brakes, tires, wheels, lights, horn, wipers, springs, flammable signs, hoses and fittings, also check for dents, scratches etc. *Drive to product origin, check ties and springs before loading, get loading tickets, drive to proper bay, drain compartments and hook up to proper lines, load. Driver has to know how much of each product will go into each prospective compartment. *Drive to station stopping every 30 miles to check tires when loaded. *Arrive to stations, and gauge tanks. Be sure each product will go into proper storage tanks. When finished unloading, gauge tanks and mark gauges on bill of lading. Have station attendant sign bill of lading if station is loading if not leave bill in the door. *Return to product origin and revert to #2 * At the end of shift return to terminal. *Fuel tractor, check oil and water, tire and springs. *Return to office and fill out log book and trip packets, put papers in order and put them in an envelope and place in proper container. * Report all major problems immediately to the Terminal Manager or the next driver. Small problems or mechanical difficulties should be told to the Terminal Manager or the next driver. If no one is available, write a note as to the problem, or use own judgment and get repairs done at the nearest garage.


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