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Reservation Specialist A Team(SCICO)

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Travel Outlook - Santa Fe, NM

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Travel Outlook is a company that provides voice reservation services for a select group of hotels. We are a virtual company, which means that we all work from home offices. We take pride in the fact that in our industry, we are the best. We are currently looking specifically for applicants in one of the following 21 states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida. Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia. You are applying for a position as one of our Weekend/Evening work-from-home reservations specialists. This means that you will work from a suitable home office, receiving incoming reservation calls that have been routed to you by our sophisticated contact center phone system. All positions at this time require that you are available to work at least one weekend day and evening hours. CUSTOMER SERVICE and COURTESY IS PARAMOUNT You will have a crucial position within our company, because you will be the main representative for our company to both our clients and to their hotel guests. In addition to a warm personal presence, our team members must demonstrate creative problem solving. The most important part of your job will be to provide pleasant, effective service. SALESMANSHIP Professional salesmanship is also important, and we will provide highly-focused, proven sales training for you which focuses on two important areas of hotel sales proficiency: conversion, and nightly rate maximization. Conversion is the measurement of how often you will convert an incoming phone call to a hotel reservation and rate maximization refers to the nightly hotel room rate that the caller pays to stay in the hotel. Our sales training focuses on achieving the highest possible conversion and rate maximization by listening to the caller, and learning to recognize and capitalize on opportunities to book at the higher rate. We will go over these techniques in detail during training.


TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS We have specific requirements regarding training availability, your technical skills, your computer equipment, and your internet connection to help you become a successful agent. The application process covers these in detail, but at minimum, the basic requirements are: • A Windows-based computer system (Windows 10 or 8.1 recommended) • A wired high-speed Internet connection (25Mb down/5Mb up or higher required) • A land line or USB headset • A quiet and distraction-free work environment that would prohibit any ambient background noise.

Additional Info:

Please note that you must also agree in writing to a background check before employment with us, and we will conduct this check. Employment status is contingent on an acceptable background check. Travel Outlook also reserves the right to perform third-party drug testing on all employees as permitted under your state’s law. Once hired, you will complete 20 - 40 hours of group and self-led paid training prior to achieving full agent status. This includes: • sales techniques • introduction to hotel property management systems • learning about our different client hotels • "shadowing" of live calls with one or more of our current agents. All training will be paid at your local minimum wage and will be paid bi-weekly in the appropriate pay period. You will be required to complete all four sections of training within four weeks of being hired. Additionally, as you progress with Travel Outlook, each month you will be required to complete up to 8 hours of paid continuing education outside of your regularly scheduled work hours. Skills/Qualifications: Verbal Communication, Phone Skills, Listening, Data Entry Skills, People Skills, Informing, Customer Focus, Customer Service, Attention to Detail, Professionalism, Multi-tasking