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Head Baker

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Kirby - Houston, TX

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Working for Snap Kitchen provides you with the exciting challenge to find new healthy alternatives to traditional baking ingredients while offering customers sugar free, dairy free and gluten free baked goods. The Baker shall follow the vision and culture of Snap Kitchen to ensure standards are followed by all Pastry personnel. The Baker's responsibilities include preparing quality pastry items such as brownies, cookies, pies, nut blends, cakes, muffins, bars and various treats. The Baker will need to have a full knowledge of the pastry menu as well as general pastry techniques including the principles and formulas concerning starches, fats, sugars, liquids, eggs and flavorings. The position reports directly to the Executive chef and this role is based within our Central Production Unit.


Key Accountabilities • Produce quality products in an efficient manner for all of Snap Kitchen’s stores throughout Houston. Act as the consummate professional; be well versed in all aspects of leading a professional Pastry and Baking production team. • Be able to relate to specific customer needs including allergies, alternative ingredients and techniques. Alternative ingredients include: palm sugar, coconut sugar, gluten free flours, alternative egg solutions, fats, leaveners and protein substitutes. • Interface with the R & D department to assist in the creation of new items. • “Set the pace” for all employees in the pastry kitchen by leading by example and displaying great work ethic. • Have the ability to lead, teach, train and work with a young staff to ensure production goals are met with an emphasis is on a consistent outcome: great tasting healthy baked goods and snacks with displays that get rave reviews, is essential to this role. • Possess culinary ability and creativity; display the ability to bake, which involves attention to detail, knowledge of ingredients and a fair amount of patience. There is also a need to have artistic ability and creativity to produce pastries and desserts that look as good as they taste. • Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment; use equipment and tools only as intended, properly and safely. • Meet with the Executive Chef to review assignments, discuss new ideas, anticipated business levels, changes and other information pertinent to the job performance. • Inform the Executive Chef of any foreseeable shortages before items run out. • Maintain proper storage procedures as specified by Health Department and Snap Kitchen requirements. • Minimize waste and maintain controls to attain forecasted food cost. Qualifications • Should have a minimum of 2-3 years of experience as Pastry Chef in a similar food production environment. • Previous management experience in a culinary environment a strong plus. • High School diploma or equivalent vocational training certificate; certification of culinary training or apprenticeship preferred. License/Certification: Food handling certificate. • Demonstrates adequate pastry skills and operations. • Shows interest in participating in menu planning for future dessert items.

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Physical Requirements • Able to move fast and multi-task in a fast paced, high stress / pressure environment (Heat and Action) • Frequent Standing for extended periods of time. • Frequent walking to collect or deliver goods in various kitchens and or reception areas. • Regular Lifting up to 50 Lbs. • Excellent physical fitness, visual acuity and sense of smell to work in the kitchen and bake shop safely.