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Inventory Counter

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0139 - 6 West Lebanon Road(Dover,DE) - Dover, DE

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The inventory crew associate is responsible to accurately count the designated areas of the store assigned to them by the inventory crew supervisor. They are to count accurately by brand and flavor. He/she must also alert the inventory crew supervisor of any issues that arise. This is a Full-time position. PDI Hand Held – Must scan and enter all items properly in their hand held device. Sections must also be identified in the hand held when counting the store. Section Tagging – After counting each section, tag the section so a review can be conducted by store leadership to help verify that no section was missed during the count. Fast Food Counting – Count and record fast food counts accurately. Fast Food includes deli, chicken and beverage departments. Counts must be recorded in the computer/tablet. Assist Inventory Crew Supervisor in additional duties that are assigned. Work hours are normally Monday through Thursday (Four 10 hour days). Auditors will meet the supervisor at a designated park and ride and travel together to multiple stores in one day. Some Fridays are required for meetings and inventories. Early morning start time. Some conditions include counting in cold temperatures in the cooler and freezer. Counting in warm temperatures in the deli and frying areas. Slippery conditions are possible on the sales floor, in the cooler/freezer, deli, deli prep, stockroom, and outside areas. It’s a very fast pace work environment.


You must be able to meet the physical demands of the job. The job can be very physical. There is a lot of moving around to include bending, kneeling, lifting squatting, constantly going up and down while counting, constant data hand held entries. Standing for long periods of time and sitting for long periods of time.

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