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032205,206C S LOOP 336 W,,CONROE,TX - CONROE, TX

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The General Manager (GM) is primarily responsible, for all operational and financial aspects of their restaurant operations. It is the primary responsibility of the GM to achieve financial and operational results through leadership and direction of management teams and hourly employees (HE). It will be from this structure all monthly, quarterly, and yearly business objectives are consistently achieved.


People Development People are the highest priority of General Managers. The ongoing development of each manager is what creates the environment for success in the areas of HQSC, growth, and financial results. This works with the management team helping to select and develop qualified managers and hourly employees to assemble each unit’s team. This is the only long term growth and success can be achieved and maintained. Demonstrate superior credibility as a role model through leadership, communication, coaching, influencing, and integrity. Builds effective teams by participating in the selection and training of new managers and employees. • use the hiring zone and the interview questions for potential hires • use the learning zone and hands on training to train new employees • all employees have completed all learning zone modules for their position Clearly sets expectations and direction through weekly manager meeting and quarterly customer mania training • one training session per quarter and employees sign off and turned in with weekly folder • manager meeting done weekly following meeting template Communicate job performance through semiannual manager performance reviews, along with the Area Coach (AC). • do performance appraisals on HE semiannually • do performance appraisal on yourself semiannually Works with AC, HE and management teams to set goals and action plans to improve operational and financial performance. • set quarterly goals for store performance • set quarterly goals for management staff Ensures a positive and healthy work environment for all managers and employees. • weekly, monthly, or quarterly contests • use champs to reward and recognize Quality, Service, and Cleanliness Works with managers and HE weekly to improve the level of food quality, service, and cleanliness in each unit by conducting monthly HQSC. • daily extras done and checked off for FOH and BOH list needs to be checked off weekly • self HQSC done periodically Works with AC and management teams to create specific and measurable action plans to improve HQSC and mystery call scores. • go over HQSC standards and deviations with crew • go over mystery call expectations with crew Provides feedback and follows up with AC, management teams, and HE regarding the execution of the mystery call. Clearly communicates issues to maximize the HQSC results and follows up with AC, management teams, and HE to get desired results (min 80) Identify areas of focus and determine the priority of items to be accomplished within coach’s area. Provide clear communication and direct implementation on new programs and procedures in area. Sales Growth Verifies staffing levels in unit to ensure proper staffing to maximize sales on each and every shift. Works with AC, management teams, HE to increase guest counts by attracting new guest and encouraging increased frequency through superior execution of HQSC standards. • hold quarterly events for community involvement and raise community awareness • do five business to business packs per week Participates in the recruitment and training of each member of management and HE teams to communicate the philosophy of building sales. Financial Results Works with AC to create monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial goals. Monitors control issues within each unit to verify consistent results against all financial control procedures. • use SUS to forecast, schedule, post receipts, and champs. • responsible for doing all inventories until someone is adequately trained and signed off by AC. When this is done GM must do two inventories per period and one must be the end of period inventory. Displays clear communication and sets proper expectations with management teams regarding consistent financial performance. Work Requirements • work minimum of 40-45 hours a week if hourly and more if needed • salaried managers work 50-55 hours a week and more if store underperforming or understaffed • cover 9 peak periods a week • close store at least 2 times a week (inventory counts as a close) if labor not ran • schedule in to by 11:00AM on Friday and posted Friday after dinner rush • exterior of store has good curbside appearance and getting all landscaping needs taken care of (all lights working properly) • managers handle all customer complaints or problems • phone scripts and procedures are posted • let area coach know of any maintenance issues • minimum of 5 day work week and max of 1 weekend day off unless approved by AC • work every Friday nights unless AC approval • available for store and AC to get a hold of at all times • ultimately responsible for all aspects of day to day business

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