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504 Cedar Park TX - 1345 Whitestone Blvd. - Cedar Park, TX

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6. Position Summary: This position is responsible for ensuring quality and proper presentation of food orders. Assemble according to recipes and procedures to avoid waste. Line is always stocked, neat, clean and safe.  FRY & APPETIZER: Preparation of recipes and plate presentations correctly set up according to tickets for all fried items, chips, fries, and appetizers. Following pars accurately, and completing daily/weekly cleaning and maintenance of fryers/cheese melter. Follows hold time standards for all fried products. Sometimes preps food items needed immediately on kitchen line.  WINDOW: Reads tickets, pulls product from window in order specified on ticket, calls side items and any special instructions, coordinates and communicates with grill cooks. Sometimes preps food items needed immediately on kitchen line. Always cautious of lead ticket time and getting food out in the High 5 Priority ticket times.  POTATO: Ensures proper placement of side items on plate while noting any special instructions, ensures that freshly toasted buns for burgers and sandwiches are available to grill cooks when needed, places rice sets in window (if necessary) and preps rice to recipe as needed. Ensures proper potato rotation in ovens. Follows proper hold times standards for all heated products. Sometimes preps food items needed immediately on kitchen line.  GARNISH AND PRESENTATION: Confirms proper placement of product, side items and any special instructions, places butter in potatoes, places brown sugar-cinnamon mixture and butter in sweet potatoes, changes plates and/or wipes excess fluids from plate and garnishes, places order in expo window in proper order according to computer ticket. Sometimes preps food items needed immediately on kitchen line. 7. Major Responsibilities: Primary duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:  Prepare, to order, all food items following standard recipes and procedures within specified time limits (8-10 minutes at lunch; 10-12 minutes at dinner)  Prep assigned items  Grill, deep fry, bake, broil and microwave raw and prepped foods  Measure and assemble ingredients and cook items according to recipes and menu specifications  Maintain cooking line in a clean, sanitary and safe manner  Uniforms and aprons should always be “showplace clean”  Stock/restock items on line according to specifications  Wash and clean raw food products  Peeling, dicing, shredding and slicing food products using manual and electric equipment  Assist in an entire team effort  Maintain personal health and sanitation standards (wash hands when using restroom, etc.)  Other duties as directed.


8. Essential Physical Requirements: Estimated percentage of daily physical requirements and/or number of pounds that may need to be lifted on the job.  Stands during entire shift.  Reaches, bends, stoops, lifts, shakes, stirs, pours, carries and pushes.  Lifts and carries tubs and cases, weighing up to 75 lbs.  Essential hand/eye coordination.  Frequent exposure to smoke, steam, high temperatures, humidity, extreme cold.  Speaks and hears conversations with grill cooks/servers.  Reads orders on tickets.  Substantial repetitive motion of the wrists hands and fingers.  Hazards may include but are not limited to, cuts from knives, slipping, tripping falls and burns.  Frequent contact/immersion of hands in water, sanitation solutions, meat products, poultry, seafood and produce items.  Frequent washing of hands. Knowledge and Skills: a) Special Skills or knowledge necessary for this position. 1. Speaks and hears conversations with grill cooks/servers. 2. Reads orders on tickets. 3. Judges quality and quantity of raw and cooked items. 4. Knowledge of workplace safety procedures.

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