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Bakery Clerk

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Pacoima - 10175 N. San Fernando Rd. - #18-02 - Pacoima, CA

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General Job Duties: • report need for repairs to Bakery Manager. • Prepare breads, pastries, etc. • Clean machinery at end of day. • And all other assigned job duties. Job Requirements: • Must obey all State and Federal guidelines regarding health and safety policies. • Wear proper headwear: hat, hairnet, etc. • Wash hands frequently with hot water from elbows down for not less than 20 seconds. Essential Job Duties: • Lift boxes and product ranging between 20 lbs up to 60 lbs • Place boxes/product onto dolly or cart • Push/pull between 30 lbs up to 200 lbs (items on cart/dolly) • Bend/Stoop pick up and or place product below waist level (including shelves and racks) • Place product onto bins and position for sale • Grasp/Grip product to prepare for sales floor by either cutting or cleaning product • Constant sweeping/pushing broom to pick up debris to keep work area clean • Place and remove product from Bakery cooler, proofing, and ovens (including shelving and bakery bins) • Reaching above shoulder level (produce placement on sales floor plus shelving/rack system in bakery warehouse areas) • Place debris/trash/recycle cardboard in respective areas • Will clean and maintain bakery tables and bins Non-essential Job Duties: • Climb ladders to retrieve product on top shelf/bakery cooler


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