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3rd BU Scanner

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Santa Maria - 1875 N. Broadway - #31-01 - Santa Maria, CA

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Job Duties: • Maintain accurate pricing for all departments at cash registers (verify entire store on a rotational basis) All items must scan, and at the correct price. • Maintain current, clean, accurate, retail shelf labels for entire store (handwritten tags or temporary tags are not acceptable). • Maintain clean accurate side stack and display signs at all times (all displays must have signs with current retail prices). • Change advertised specials on a weekly basis (New ad starts 7:00am Wednesday, previous ad ends Tuesday at closing time). Previous and new ad specials are to be completely changed by 7:00am Wednesday, including display signs. • Maintain hold down file, which is to be down weekly with the Store Manager and Department Managers. • Do weekly scan audits. Work on all reports (Exception unauthorized, etc.) • Check competition prices (Comparison list). • Provide store sales information for Department Managers, Store Manager, and General Manager. • Maintain and order office supplies (register tape, tape ribbons, machine parts, etc.) for the Front End. • Maintain the Front End equipment (spare parts and operating correctly). • Report to the Grocery Manager, Buyer, Front End, and General Manager for any miscellaneous duties. • And all other assigned job duties. Essential Job Duties: • Lift boxes and product ranging between 20 lbs up to 60 lbs • Constant Bend/Stoop pick up and or replace/change tags below waist level (including shelves, displays, racks, and bins) • Grasp/Grip scan gun to prepare items for sales floor by either scanning and replacing tags for price verification. • Place and remove tags from shelves (including displays and bins) • Reaching above shoulder level (tag placement on sales floor plus shelving/rack or displays on sales floor. • Will maintain and clean desk, and shelves tag area clean. Non-essential Job Duties: Climb ladders to retrieve product on top shelves.


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