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Cinnabon/Jamba Outlets At The Border - San Diego, CA

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Mission: The Crewmember is responsible for meeting guest's need through Cinnabons Values: • We A.C.T. Guest First - develop behaviors to effectively model "We A.C.T. Guest First" with internal customers and guests. • We are Clean and Attractive - learn the importance of maintaining a • clean and attractive work environment and appearance. • We are Fast - identify what is needed to create an environment where all employees share in the responsibility of exceeding guest satisfaction. • We Always Deliver High Quality - learn what is meant by quality and how to demonstrate behaviors that support the consistent delivery of quality products. • We Enjoy Working Here - explore the conditions that allow employees to gain personal, guest, and organizational satisfaction. Able to recite the values and value proposition Duties & Responsibilities: Sales and Profits • Greets and engages each Guest, ability to suggestive sell to Guests and potential Guests. • Demonstrates Attentive, Cheerful and Timely (A.C.T.) standards for service. • Provides product samples to all potential Guests. Product Quality • Delivers High Quality Cinnabon product every time. • Maintains and delivers high quality products using the PACE system. • Demonstrates knowledge of products and service. Service • Uses Wow! Service to enhance the Guest's experience. • Works with other team members to pro-actively react to the Guest's needs. • Models and promotes the Cinnabon culture. Housekeeping • Maintains bakery cleanliness during shift. • Follows the bakery-cleaning schedule. • Demonstrates a "clean-as-you-go" philosophy. Training • Able to certify on all crewmember positions. • Creates all products to standard. Policies and Procedures • Follows procedures outlined in the Operations Manual. • Follows cash control and security policies. • Knowledgeable in register discounts and promotions. • Maintains safe and healthy workplace conditions for Guests and other Crewmembers. • Reports accidents and incidents to Bakery Management immediately. Critical Skills: • Delivers WOW! Service and A.C.T. Guest First • Teamwork & Interpersonal Communication Skills • Honesty and Integrity Essential Physical Requirements: • Ability to communicate with Guests and co-workers. • Ability to perform functions of addition and subtraction and make correct change. • Ability to process information through the POS register system. • Ability to lift up to 50lb bags or pull 35lb batches of dough from the mixer (if working in a scratch bakery) • Ability to lift up to 35-pound boxes of frozen products. • Ability to work in a warm environment (ovens) and react to buzzers and timers. • Ability to climb ladders and bend at the waist to clean equipment. • Ability to use hands, arms, shoulders and back to produce rolls for up to 4-hour periods (if working in a scratch bakery). • Ability to work around industrial strength cleaners. • Ability to weigh and measure baking products. • Ability to stand for up to 4 hours without a break. • Ability to operate the mixer, if over 18 years of age (if working in a scratch bakery) Professional Background: • Must be at least 16 years of age and have valid work permit if required by law. • Retail or food experience preferred, but not required. • Excellent interpersonal communication skills and a strong interest in Guest service.


Bi lingual, English Spanish

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