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Maid - Housekeeper - Cleaner, $18.50 to $24.50 per Cleaning Hour

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Chicago - Chicago, IL

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View Job Description - Maid - Housekeeper - Cleaner, $18.50 to $24.50 per Cleaning Hour

Description Do you strive for great customer service? Do you wish that you could find a company which values your hard work? As a Cleaning Technician, you work with some of the most talented and thoughtful people in the industry. We prepare you for success from day one, with one on one training from our certified technicians. Along the way, you amaze clients with your strong cleaning skills and empathetic nature. Finally, you always take special care to adhere to all health and safety precautions and guidelines. When it comes to finding a great place to work, Fresh Tech Maid sweeps the competition! As a company which specializes in chemical free cleaning, our Cleaning Technicians are at the heart of what we do. We have a dedicated office team to help manage your schedule. We cover many of the costs that are usually passed on to cleaners, like supplies, uniforms, and parking. Finally, we offer many perks which are unheard of in the service industry, such as paid time off and health insurance.
 Why clean with us? No Experience Necessary No experience? No problem! We train you from day one. You’ll also learn some helpful tips and tricks along the way. Awesome Pay Pay starts at $18.50 per cleaning hour after training, with room to grow to $24.50. Amazing Growth Potential We have seven levels of Cleaning Technician. We reward your great performance with higher pay and bonuses. Life Friendly Scheduling Whether you’re a parent or a student, we work to accommodate your schedule. We offer part time, half time, and full time positions. Great Hours Only Say goodbye to crazy shifts and irregular hours. We will never ask you to clean on weekends or holidays, and your job will never stray beyond 8 AM to 5 PM. No Hidden Costs Other cleaning companies either don’t provide cleaning supplies or deduct their cost from your salary. We cover your supplies, parking, and uniform fees. Tips Are 100% Yours Our maids earn an average of $2,500 in tips each year. The best part? You don’t have to tell us about it. CoVID-19 Conscious Your health is our first priority. That’s why we supply you with free PPE and on the clock bi-weekly CoVID-19 tests. We also offer a $50 bonus once you get vaccinated. A Company that Truly Cares We are not a referral service or franchise. As a locally owned and operated business in Chicago, we put our people first. Fantastic Team Members We love who we work with, and you will too. Get to know your colleagues at our weekly all hands meetings and fun quarterly events.


1. Valid driver’s license, if you drive. 2. Reliable vehicle and insurance, In Chicago, we also accept public transportation. 3. Legally permitted to work in U.S.. 4. Can pass a drug test. 5. Within 50 min drive from Fresh Tech Maid’s office in Chicago or in Arlington Heights

Additional Info:

Fresh Tech Maid will also conduct criminal background check based on local, state, and Federal laws.