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Are you an in-charge sort of person who likes to shape a company’s culture and to define the most important asset of any company – its people? If so, then this is the opportunity for you! and seek an Operations / HR professional as the company’s People Operations Manager. Are you? • Inspired: You have a burning desire to do great things and to grow! • Thoughtful: You have a healthy sense of self and how your life impacts the world around you. • Skillful: You are dedicated to what you do. You love working on the edge of your comfort zone and embracing risk and failure head on. • Unpretending: You are a healthy balance of confidence and humility! You understand that the more you know, the more you realize how much you do not know. • Ambitious: You have big goals. You also understand that a thousand miles starts with one step. You plan, grow, prove, and achieve! Do you also have these skills required for the People Operations Manager position? • Eager to learn and grow in an entrepreneurial environment, which rewards great performance in big ways. • Highly coachable. Improving makes you feel stronger, not weaker. • Strong desire to communicate with people, understand people, and motivate people based on our Core Values and job requirements! • Achieving excellence in recruiting, training, and coaching. • Attention to detail and follows our hiring, training, and engagement systems. AND improve these systems overtime. • Self-starter who is able to work independently. • Polite, kind, and firm at the same time! • Proactively lead the team to achieve excellence. • Comfortable with data tracking and data-based decision making. Job Responsibilities for the People Operations Manager may Include: Recruiting: • Execute, improve, and optimize our AI augmented hiring system. We will provide training for our state-of-art AI assisted recruiting system. • Advocate the company to applicants. • Communicate the challenges and special requirements of the job with applicants. • Achieve our hiring goals in both quantity and quality. • Track related data effectively and accurately. • Produce regular reports on a daily and weekly basis. Training: • Manage trainers to optimize company’s training system • Verify initial training results by conducting on-site quality reviews. • Coach new trainees to achieve certification via 4-week training program. • Engage with and coach newly certified cleaning technicians to reach 4 months of successful employment milestone. • Lead the trainers to implement the best training system in the industry. • Track recruiting data effectively. Coaching: • Oversee operations results and coach employees accordingly. • Engage with employees frequently. • Achieve turnover performance goals. Teaming: • Help with other office tasks. Help the team when needed. • Must be willing to accept 1-week training as a Chemical Free Cleaning Technician. We believe that it is impossible to hire, train, and coach effectively without knowing the job firsthand! This is a positive and healthy environment. Compensation is according to a salary + commission with $20 to $30 per hour + commission with total annual compensation between $47k to $67k+. No limit on commission! Free bi-weekly cleanings and PTO, etc. We proudly offer health benefits. This position is Not a remote work job, because our Chemical Free Home Cleaning Technicians are visiting different homes every day. We believe that PPE, vaccination, and social distancing can help us to achieve Covid-19 safety. Hence, we, the managers, must talk the talk and walk the walk by working in our office, located in Lincoln Park, Chicago. At this company, our Core Values guide our actions! We are looking for a smart, forward-thinking problem solver to join our small, crazy team! Or crazy, small team. Works both ways, actually! Okay, we think we've said enough. Your turn :- ). Apply for the People Operations Manager position now.


Bachelor's Degree. Growth is hard, but rewarding! An exciting entrepreneurial environment! Great opportunity to lead! Strong training, coaching, and mentoring program.

Additional Info:

All our employees are tested for Covid 19 regularly to ensure safety. In our office, we wear mask and observe social distancing. We do work in the office. Hence, this position is not for remote-work setting.