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Assistant Golf Professional

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Lantana Golf Club - Lantana, TX

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The Assistant Golf Professional will oversee and manage the golf operation and work cooperatively with other departments. The position will promote an exceptional "golf experience," and provide excellent services and programs to all patrons. Primary Responsibilities: 1. Assist the Head Golf Professional in managing the facility in an efficient, high-quality, service-oriented manner. 2. Oversee all daily operations of the facility including golf operations & Golf merchandise concessions. 3. Promoting and operating the facility to drive revenue. 4. Assist in training, supervising and motivating the staff to meet facility objectives, especially in providing exceptional customer service. 5. Oversee the reservation system, starting, and monitoring of play. 6. Track and verify all players and guests, golf cars, club care, lockers, handicap fees, and other charges necessary, and facilitate proper controls. 7. Enforce all rules and regulations governing golf course usage. 8. Develop and manage an innovative tournament program that services all customer segments. 9. Develop and oversee the golf instruction and golfer development programs for all customer segments. 11. Assist in the marketing and promotion of new memberships / play. 12. Assist in the preparation of budgets, including forecasting and review of all golf revenues and expenses on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. 13. Establish sales goals and forecasts for all golf programs and services, monitor and analyze reports. Note: Other duties as assigned by supervisor or management.


Education: A level one certification, or greater preferred. A minimum of two years of college, or equivalent experience will be considered. Candidates should posses experience in staff supervision, golf instruction, customer service, and computer technology including POS. Skills: Strong oral and written communication skills Strong attention to detail Supervisory skills Planning and organizational ability Customer skills Computer skills Working Conditions: Might be required to work some late evenings and weekends.

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Physical / Cognitive Activities: This description of physical and mental activities is not intended to describe essential job functions. Rather, its purpose is to give the job applicant a feel for the physical and mental activities of the job to the end that an applicant with a disability can determine whether he or she will be able to do this job either with or without accommodations. A majority of time will be reviewing financial documents, therefore a significant portion of time is spent thinking, writing, speaking and listening. Mathematical skills, including basic math, problem solving, reasoning, budgeting, profit/loss concepts, variances and percentages are used daily. A significant amount of time is spent communicating and interacting with various people inside and outside the company. This person will be listening and speaking to staff, making quick decisions and using problem-solving skills. Reading and writing abilities are often used when communicating with the golf course department managers when planning budgets and developing forecasts.